1937 Woodlane Drive STE. 103  Woodbury MN, 55125

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About ​Sports Massage in Woodbury


​Sports Massage in Woodbury


I started my massage career over 30 years ago. I always wanted to do more for people than just give them a massage. Throughout the years I have developed a massage style that is truly therapeutic. I spent 16 + years managing the Massage Department at Woodbury Life Time Fitness before moving out on my own for 8+ years now.
Whether you are coming in for a relaxation massage or a bodywork session I can help relieve your pain and melt away the day.
The body and the issues we have are like a puzzle. When we are under stress and or injured some of those pieces get misplaced and it's up to me to put the puzzle back together. I may need to pull on all of my experience over the years to do that. Sometimes I need to call on the expertise of health care workers for that to happen.
My goal is to listen to your needs and exceed your expectations. 
I know how busy everyone is so as part of my business I do house or office calls 7 days a week.
If you are coming to the office don't worry about parking we have plenty of spots for you.
We are located 1937 Woodlane Drive Woodbury, MN 55125. STE. 103.
Put the pieces back together and book your appointment today.